Joey Nicoletti

Photo by Ruchama Bilenky

Joey Nicoletti




As I look at the ground, I think, This is

my family history: aluminum cans kept at bay

by patches of crab grass; an ice cube tray


on top of a newspaper, yellowed

like my father’s teeth, the ones that remain

in his sick mouth; two children: two vinyl records


sliding out of a Connie Francis album;

another child: half of another record

above the other two; a black boot, abandoned


like Italy by my mother and her parents;

like Orsogna, their hometown, bathed in shade;

like Connie Francis, having revised her name


from Concetta Rosemarie Franconero, my fluency in

Italian, a disbanded dialect of empty forest green

and fast food bags; a DVD case, and a long piece


of rope, coiled around a clear

plastic container, with a stick figure

of a boy, drawn on its chest.


Joey Nicoletti’s most recent books are Thundersnow (Grandma Moses Press, 2017) and Reverse Graffiti (Bordighera Press, 2015). His work has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies. A graduate of the Sarah Lawrence College MFA program, he teaches at SUNY Buffalo State College.