Louisa Calio

Italians in NYC

Louisa Calio


A Do Run Run

That’s me with my friends, Chickie, Mary Beth, and Lucia
before we knew we were priestesses
and made rituals to the black madonna.
We’re 13 on that street corner at that storefront
because it had great acoustics
when we sang along with our boyfriends
the ones with the black leather jackets you can’t see in the picture
Wally, Freddie Tony and my guy Tommy G
who sings lead in the a cappella group
the diamonds on Avenue and T in Brooklyn
I’m wearing a flower hair clip there cause
I always had a tropical streak.

Sometimes we would dress up in those tight clothes
and travel together on that great snake, the subway
into unknown territories, we young girls with a fever to grow up
went all the way to 86th St. and stood outside
the Glittering Jewel Theater with its brightly lit marquis
until we got our nerve up to enter.  
No one under sixteen was allowed
but with our hair up in a knot, red lipstick and high heels
we would trick the woman at the ticket window
and go inside the dark movie house glued
to the pulsing bodies on the screen.
We knew something happening
We knew the older versions of women were passing
We knew we were not going to be our shy mothers
or down trodden grandmothers
We sensed something
Who knew we were goddesses in the making.


Louisa Calio is an internationally published, award winning author and photo artist. She won: 1st Prize for “Bhari” fr. City of Messina, Sicily (2013), 1st  Prize for “Signifyin Woman”  Il Parnasso”  Canicatti, Sicily (2017). Finalist for Poet Laureate, Nassau County,  honored at Columbia Barnard as a Feminist Who Changed America (1973-75), Director  Poet’s Piazza at Hofstra University for 12 years, she was a founding member and first  Executive Director of City Spirit Artists, Inc. New Haven, Ct. Her latest book, Journey to the Heart Waters, was published by Legas Press (2014).

See:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louisa_Calio